Every person you come into contact with represents an entire history lived, roads traveled down that inform their approach to the world and everything in it. Taylor's roads have been informative and beautiful, teaching him the importance of the journey as well as the destination.

Taylor's journey began in Southern California, where he attended school with students from all over the world, making friends with people whose birthplaces and cultural anchors ranged from Central and Southeast Asia to countries throughout South America.  Through these friendships, Taylor learned the importance of endeavoring to explore and understand the various cultures of the world and the dangers of assuming that his was the only and best way to do things.

As a young adult, Taylor lived in the Baltic States of Eastern Europe, learning Russian in the process (and how to ask for ice cream in Estonian). When he came back to the States, Taylor found his view on life had grown, fueling a desire to pursue a career in counseling where he could honor his passion for connecting with the individual and their experiences. Taylor completed a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Utah Valley University, followed by a Master’s Degree in Existential (Hermeneutic and Phenomenological) Psychology from Seattle University. Taylor's education strengthened his belief that the most important thing to consider in working with people is what they want to accomplish, and what their goals are.

Taylor's experiences in the mental health community have been diverse and informative, including: working in an intensive outpatient program for pre-adolescents and teenagers with emotional dysregulation and behavioral concerns; providing on-site therapeutic support for teenagers at a public school in West Seattle; twice-weekly in-home counseling with families in crisis in the greater Boston area, including trauma support and psychoeducation; psychometric testing and report writing for children and adolescents assessing cognitive and academic achievement and exploring the presence of mental health concerns, including depression and autism; and working in collaboration with individuals and families in private practice. In total, Taylor has been working in this field since 2007 in one capacity or another. It is his passion, and he is committed to providing the best quality care for everyone he comes into contact with. Taylor has been told by colleagues that one of his strengths is his tenacity in working tirelessly to help clients find support and relief, no matter how much time, energy, or patience it takes to achieve goals.  

Education and Licensure Information

  • Bachelor of Science, Psychology, Utah Valley University

  • Master of Arts, Psychology, Seattle University

  • Licensed Mental Health Counselor, State of Washington License Number LH 60696781

  • Licensed Professional Counselor, State of Texas License Number 81966

  • Certified in Theme Centered Interaction